Waste Management

Waste management practices, especially in the case of slaughterhouse, is a must for modern day plants. This does not only assure that sanitary measures are met in the plant but it also assures that every bit of raw material, though considered "waste", is made the best use of.

Water Waste Management
We provide sustainable systems and manpower solutions to handle and treat water waste from plant operations. Our water waste management system also aims to recover as much resources from both water waste and organic by products during your plant's day to day operations.
In the end, our water waste management solutions will diminish waste water.
This service cover

  • Engineering

  • Procurement

  • Shipment

  • Installation and post installation servicing

Processing Solution

We provide everything from the procurement of spare parts neccesary to setup the processing unit that you need.

Sustainable slaughter house

Sustainable slaughter house practices also greatly involve efficient processing of animal by products through rendering through a batch containerized system.

Rendering solutions

In the end, our rendering solutions yield the highest nutrient content for whole meal, blood meal, feather meal and meat and bone meal from every batch of animal by-product from your plant.

SAP management software

We provide everything from the procurement of spare parts necessary to setup the processing unit that you need. We also cover stock management through SAP management software, as well as the dispatch of service teams and electrical specialists to ensure that your unit is installed well. These same specialists will also perform regular checkups, servicing and any other electrical assistance that you may need to ensure that your unit runs in its best condition at all times.