Solar Cell Power Management

Picture this - the power of the sun right at your own space. It’s the ideal setup everyone wants for their homes or commercial spaces – but few people know really much about it which makes them think twice. We won’t put you in the dark any longer as our solar cell power management systems can definitely turn the lights up and magnify things exponentially.

Getting Back To Basics And Moving Forward To A Sunny Option

We are the leading solar cell power management system provider and we deliver exactly as promised. The plug-and-play system of our high-performance solar panel systems provides you a cost-effective, renewable, ecological, and 100% energy-saving alternative to paying monthly electricity bills. We take charge of planning, development, design, and integration of LED lighting technology for your home and office space.

We have tapped into and combined the power of the sun with an energy intelligence hardware and software to deliver a reliable and environment-friendly lighting and electrical solution that is able to generate its own electricity, cut down on operational costs, while eliminating CO2 emission.

We keep projects on track!

It’s the proverbial back to basics. We minimize the complexities; keep projects right on track, and meet return on investment goals exactly as mind-mapped. We implement smart solar power installation that is a no-brainier to operate. Yes, we do the heavy lifting for you while we support your business goals.

We Do The Heavy LiftingWith Our Lighting Products & Solutions

You want it clean and cost-effective – We want the same. You want it clean and cost-effective – We want the same. Invest in your future today. Clock in on the power of the sun with us.

Solar Lighting

Solar Electricity

Lighting Products

Solar Lighting Solutions

Imagine a world with no electricity – a scare tactic? Think again. Our solar lighting solutions are fully automated and optimize the up-to-date solar technology that is cut-out brilliant. We only make use of the latest solar and LED technology with LED life expectancy of +10 years. Solar energy can indeed revolutionize lighting like we never imagined it to be.

When the sun is up, solar panels get to work by collecting and storing daylight in GEL batteries. During nighttime, the SMART controller then automatically flicks on the LED lighting. Our intuitive solar panels can also detect daylight which is energy-saving as it switches off and starts charging. With this technology, you can say no to power outages and maintenance costs.

Solar Electricity Solutions

Solar electrical energy is not just the wave of the future – as it starts right now. Well-famed as a renewable, powerful, and clean energy, solar lighting solutions certainly has created a huge impact on how lives can get better with a new way of looking at lighting and electricity solutions.

We design your future today with our solar electricity solutions with high power LED technology meant to last and create a safer and environmentally friendlier solution to everyday electrical needs for home and commercial use.

• Residential Solar Systems
• Solar Powered Billboard Systems
• Solar Power Lighting Systems
• Solar Commercial Systems

Lighting Products

We do not just keep it functional, we also invest in designing an interesting and innovative lineup of lighting products. We help provide clean power by reducing fossil fuel generation, cutting down on greenhouse emissions while eliminating unnecessary electrical and lighting costs.

• Solar LED Park Lights
• Solar LED Street Lights
• LED Spot Light
• LED Lamp Head
• Solar Panels
• LED Lighting Battery
• Smart Controller
• LED Explosion Proof Lights
• LED Industrial Light
• LED Flood Light
• Metal Hadide Flood Lights