Quality Certificate and developing and operating geographic information system project of Asyad Capital, in the Eastern Province Municipality

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His Excellency the Secretary of the Eastern Region, Eng. Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Jubeir, received today from the Assistant Under-Secretary for Development and Projects Eng. Mazen bin Adel Bakhraji, the quality certificate obtained by the General Department of Information Systems in the Secretariat.

Asyad Capital participated in preparing the necessary documents and designing the structure, in addition to defining the main tasks and workflow procedures.

Asiad Capital has also identified performance measurement indicators

His Excellency praised the General Administration of Geographic Information Systems in the Secretariat for obtaining a quality certificate in accordance with international standards for the year 2019, stressing the excellence of information systems, which deserved to be worthy of obtaining this certificate, to the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

After that, His Excellency the Secretary honored the work team from the Information Systems Department, who contributed to obtaining this certificate, which is the crowning of the continuous work effort and efficiency.