Reliable Solar Lighting

With Asyad Capital, you can count on reliable solar and power solutions. We provide solar lighting solutions which incorporate very efficient LED lights, solar panels and components, all centrally monitored and regulated.

Solar Powered Products and Services
We renew solar energy and convert it to usable electricity for you; whether at home, within your neighborhood or even for commercial use, through our solar electricity systems. Enable your home or office appliances to be solar-powered by using our solar panel units that can be easily installed with safety and dependability

  • Residential solar electricity

  • Delivered via compact or rooftop installation

  • Commercial solar solutions

  • Designed for commercial establishments, factories, industrial locations

  • Solar Powered Billboards

  • Specifically made for your advertising needs

  • Solar Lighting

  • Light up your streets, neighborhood, campuses with self-generating electricity LED lamps