System Definition
  • Is a competent gate in automation of assets maintenance, with a direct connection between the owner and the contractors.
System Goals
  • Supporting decision maker by reports Panel and indicators
  • Linking the stakeholders electronically
  • Cost Control
  • Improve performance
System Benefits
  • A clear and a comprehensive vision for the decision-maker.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the maintenance plan.
  • Easy access to total or detailed costs of maintenance.
  • Save a full preventive and corrective maintenance archive.
  • Reduce costs and increase return on investment.
  • Speed of completion of transactions and tasks by all levels.
  • Optimal recruitment of technical teams.
System Components
  • Web Portal
  • Basic functions
  • Mobile Application
  • Supervisor Functions
  • Site Engineer Functions
  • Technician Functions
System Functionalities
  • Decision maker screen
  • Identify locations of sites on map
  • Insert maintenance tasks
  • Insert Site facilities
  • Insert plants
  • Insert assets
  • Insert the minutes of receipt and delivery
  • Insert preventive maintenance plan
  • Issuing work orders
  • Create spare parts requests
  • Create payments
  • Insert BOQ
  • Create Visits
  • Create Reports
  • Prepare Settings
  • Identify Directions and Roles
  • Send Notifications
  • Change Language
Other possibilities of the system

Integration with other systems such as:

  • Asset Management System
  • Electronic Archive System
  • Attendance and departure system
  • Inventory Management System
  • Intelligent reporting system and performance indicators