Large & Huge data systems


With BigStreamer, CSP will be able to interpret overwhelming data and use it to their advantage. They will also be able to:

  • Respond to business needs of Telecom industry.
  • Adapt and enhance the best of breed tools such as Hadoop, Jaspersoft and Drools.
  • Adhere to TM Forum’s KPI requirements.
  • Connect smoothly with OSS/BSS architecture and CSP’s network components.
  • Provide necessary uses cases for customers via the KPIs and Predictive Analytics Algorithms library.
  • Permit integration with other telecommunications tool like ActionRuler and ActionStreamer.
  • The internet has reached its golden age.. Thus, it surged Communication Service Providers with overwhelming data from multiple internal and external sources such as Data Warehouses, OSS, BSS and Network elements.
  • Asyad has launched BigStreamer, a Big Data Analytics and Complex Event Processing platform made especially for the telecommunications industry.
Technical Description

Shown on the diagram and briefly described below are BigStreamer’s six key schemes.

  • Data Model and Metrics are built to enable data to match CSPs concern. These two are driven by TM Forum’s standard.
  • The computational and storage power of Hadoop contributes a great deal to CSP.
  • Prediction Model Repository develops, lay in, and use powerful predictive data models that give solutions to CSPS challenges.
  • Event Stream Processor module captivates overwhelming data by making complex rules easy.
  • Lastly, BigStreamer allows the users from several CSP functions to level up their decisions by conducting ad hoc analytics and visualization.