Information Security

Secure Access & Identity Management
  • Secure Web Access using Smart Tokens
  • Secure Web Access using OTP Tokens
  • Secure VPN Access
  • Applications Single Sign On SSO
Data Security
  • Documents Security
  • Email Security
Storage Encryption
  • Virtual Drive Encryption
  • Physical Drive Encryption
  • Secure Flash
  • Software Protection & DRM

Secure Access & Identity Management

Data Security

  • Many applications used in documents generation and publishing uses Encryption and Digital Signature for securing the documents, though depending on a password as the key to the security will lead to one factor authentication which can be easily broken.
  • Documents security mainly depends on two approaches, Document Encryption and Digital Signature.
  • Softlock Document Security solution provides a secure approach for document security exchange based on Softlock Smart Token or Softlock Smartcards. Softlock Smart token libraries are tested and have been used with different applications.
  • Softlock Document Security solution can be easily integrated with any application compliant with PKCS or CSP standards, like: Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, Autodesk AutoCAD maps and drawings’ documents and more.
  • Softlock Email Security Solution is a straight forward solution, based on different technology standards. The solution provides the security by providing Email Encryption and Digital Signature. Email encryption can secure all confidential data transferred via emails, while Email Digital Signature can provide identity verification and non-repudiation.
  • In order to reach the maximum security level, Softlock provides Softlock Smart Token Integration within the Email Security solution. Softlock Smart Token provides different cryptographic functionalities conforming to technology standards and compatible with different third party applications.
  • The previous figure illustrates the Secure Email Environment, where the Recipient can verify the sender identity and decrypt the Email contents, while Un Authorized intruder fails to decrypt the Email contents.

Storage Encryption