System Definition

An electronic platform to automate all processes and procedures within the projects

System Goals
  • Automate all procedures and processes within the projects.
  • Do an immediate follow-up of the implementation of procedures within the sites.
  • Achieve speed of information circulation to all parties at the same time.
Benefits of the system
  • Supporting decision-makers with accurate information and accurate reports
  • Improve the efficiency of project performance and implementation
  • Real-time project monitoring and tracking of its statues
  • Saving time and effort
  • Paperless Projects
  • Projects without stumble
System Components
  • Electronic gate
  • Inspection App.
  • Report App.

I-Scope Functions

  • The system supports up-to-date, timely reports that adequately cover the progress of the project, both in operational and financial performance
  • The system contains the statistics and reports of different orders (delivery of items – change order – stop – resume – initial receipt – final receipt ….. etc) at the project and system level.
  • The system contains the statistics and reports of the various records (award – site receipt – suspension – appeal – initial receipt – final receipt ….. etc).
Home screen and statistics
  • The system provides statistics on the statuses of projects and budgets distributed to the geographical sectors of the Kingdom, indicating the locations of projects on the map
  • All sections of the portal are accompanied by explanatory diagrams to display all information about them, operators and beneficiaries
Advertisements and Bidders

The administration of advertising, competition management, cancellation of costs, registration of tenders, technical analysis, extraction of the schedule of primary guarantees submitted and notification of the assignment.

Budget and study

The system allows recording of budget data for the financial years of the entity , process of approving the budgets of projects , process of study and approve and the possibility of moving the project from the stage of study to the implementation phase.

  • The project schedule can be managed by entered manually into the system or by uploading it as MS Project or Primavera file. The system maintains the versions and the possibility to load the Excel schedule and view and print GantChart
  • The system supports the integration between the bill of quantities and the schedule, the project completion ratios are determined according to the schedule
  • The system supports the integration of processes affecting the schedule (the process of delivery of items – the process of pause and suspension – extension of the project – change of the bill of quantities – vacancies management)
Projects management
  • The system provides project statistics and up-to-date reports that adequately cover the progress of the project both in operational and financial performance
  • The system provides reports on project elements and items in detail, tracks the history of the project and all the payments, the operations carried out on the project, displays the project site on the map of Google and also display the project visits in chronological order
  • Management Preferred projects , related parties such as contractors, consultants, integrated project management, linking to individual projects, setting up a strategic project, managing archived projects, and extensive project search.
Management of Bills of quantities and Payments
  • The system supports the creation and management of bill of quantities and the download of Excel file as a template to fill and upload the bill of quantities.
  • The system contains the characteristics of managing the contractors’ payment process on each item of the project based on the visit reports, evaluation and laboratory tests. The system supports the effect of the percentage of increasing of the project budget in the payments
  • The system supports the management of the approval levels in each project, the alternative employee, and the possibility of referral the payment certificate
  • The system supports calculating the value added tax of the payment certificate and the deferred value and linking the minutes of the fines with the payment certificate. The system includes different types of payment certificate – opening – closing – and adding the reference number for the “etimad platform” when paying the payment certificate.
Procedures Management
  • The system displays graphic statistics of the procedures department (visits, requests, minutes, payments, lab requests, committees)
  • The system allows users to perform all procedures and processes on projects (request for delivery of items – request for suspension – initial receipt request – request for final receipt – request for materials – request for change of bill of quantities – request of current payments – request of final payments – request to test items).
  • The system supports determine of the duration of each process and sending an email to user to alert him to the completion of his task.
Laboratory management and technical test results
  • The system has the ability to manage the lab files, track the test requests and results for each project, and the complete tracking of project or items samples
  • The system supports the management of test results in an integrated manner and the system sends automatic alerts to the inspectors and contractors with a comprehensive report of the test results.
Manage tasks, Correspondence and alerts
  • The system supports a department that is responsible for presenting the user’s tasks of the in-progress projects and presenting the details and documents of the process.
  • The system supports receiving all messages and alerts related to the project in one inbox, which can be easily viewed by project managers, contractors, inspectors or any other user. The system supports automatic alerts and reminders on mobile phones when a new message arrives and an alert is displayed on the current screen of the active user.
  • The system supports sending and receiving notifications and messages via email, SMS, mobile applications or directly through the portal.
Document Management
  • The system supports archiving of all attachments, project documents and all related items, adding a date for the document (from … to) and the document number of the contractor’s attachments
  • The system supports the addition of a watermark to the project attachments in display mode with the possibility of download the file with its original image without the watermark according to the validity of the user.
Stack-holders Management
  • The system displays graphical statistics by stack-holders types (design and study, supervisors, contractors, quality control agencies, executing agencies).
  • The system allows the management of employees of the stack-holders.
Permissions Management
  • The system allows the management of the functional roles , user data and identifying authority
  • Automatic exit from the system in case it does not work for a specified period.
Settings Management
  • The system allows the management of types of projects and types of sub-projects, determining project status criteria, managing business types, units of measurement, types of items, stack-holders, Jobs, specialties, qualifications, efficiency levels, contractor grades, equipment, contractor areas, functional roles of committee members, banks and equipment brands.
  • Ability to integrate with GRP & ERP and other systems