Geographical Information Systems

MCE recognized the importance and potential of the of geographic information systems (GIS), therefore it sought to attract professional distinct expertise in the field of GIS to provide services in the following areas:

Our Services

  • Mobile mapping and point cloud data

  • Traditional topographic survey data

  • Satellite image and Raster data

  • AutoCAD drawing data

  • Paper map Conversion

  • Tabular and text data

  • 3D Mapping

  • Data maintenance and update

  • Data QA/QC process

  • Architecture Vision
    - enterprise mission, vision, strategy, and goals
  • System Architecture Design Process and Enterprise GIS
  • User Locations
    – data Center, intranet sites, and remote sites
  • User Types
    – desktop, terminal server/Citrix, web, and mobile
  • Critical Business Architecture
    - current and future business needs
  • Data Architecture
    - current and target GIS data sources, locations, size, and database servers
  • Application Architecture
    - current and target ESRI ArcGIS Applications
  • Technology Architecture
    – existing and target workflow
  • Capacity Planning
    – platform load analysis
  • Comply with standard Specifications developed by International Standards Organization (ISO) and the Open GIS Consortium (OGC)
  • Using the best practice of ESRI Geodatabase template data model designed for various application domains
  • Initial conceptual and logical geodatabase design
  • Physical geodatabase design
  • Design Metadata using ESRI Geospatial Metadata template
  • Design Geodatabase backup and restore strategy
  • Design Geodatabase QA/QC process
  • GIS software training according to ESRI program
  • Custom training
  • Hands on training
  • Knowledge transfer training
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Perfective Maintenance

Our Products

AIMS is a system for recording government Assets (parcels, buildings,..etc.) and its related information like land ownership, land values, land use and other related land- data, AIMS is an indispensable tool for a market economy to work properly, as well as for sustainable management of land resources , AIMS will help and improve in the following:

  • Guarantee ownership and security of tenure
  • Support land and property taxation
  • Provide security for credit
  • Develop and monitor land markets
  • Protect State lands
  • Encourage tourism and investment
  • Reduce land disputes
  • Facilitate land reform
  • Improve urban planning and infrastructure development
  • Support environmental management
  • Improve operation and maintenance program
  • Produce statistical data

The following is the main Function for AIMS:

  • Automatic Calculate for land Geometry
  • Record and tracking land operation
  • Classify lands with different criteria
  • Link ownership data with land location
  • Linking buildings with their digital photographs
  • Produce Charts and reports
  • Mapping production and printing
  • Evaluate and track land values
  • Record land Violation and dispute
  • Mentoring and audit system operation

The recent Studies shown that one of the main causes of delays and stalled projects is the lack of a system to follow up and monitor the implementation of project phases; MCE has developed Project Tracking System (PTS) which is commercially named Iscope to follow up and monitor the implementation of projects using GIS with integration of software specialized in project management, The following is the main Function for PTS:-

  • Showing projects location on map, satellite image
  • Classify projects according to their type, status…etc.
  • Implementation of the daily visits and technical monitoring using PDA
  • Verification of site visits using GPS
  • Monitor and follow up project items and its related invoices
  • Communications between project responsible using SMS and emails
  • Dashboard showing the current status for each project

Municipal Geo portal is a GIS system  manages various tasks to improve decision making, service delivery, citizen engagement to make municipal business smarter  by promote business diversity, provide effective environment to run the community with better Operations and more smoothly to make citizens have more satisfied.

Since municipal data is location based Municipal Geo portal will assist in generation of a geospatial view of these data and linked with the corresponding up-to-dated database and implement in various tasks such as parcel management, building license, subdivision plan approval, survey kroki , shop license,..etc.

Municipal Geo portal include the following:

  • Management of parcel operation and ownership data
  • Survey of the individual properties
  • Work flow for subdivision plan approval
  • Urban Infrastructure planning
  • Workflow for building license
  • Workflow for survey kroki
  • Update of spatial and non-spatial base map data
  • Import ,export and print map at any point of time
  • generation of thematic map / zoning map