Geographic Information Systems

GIS Spatial Data Services
  • We provides a bundle of specialized services in the field of spatial data and related services such as remote sensing, topographical survey, 3D Mobile mapping survey , and data management services.
  • Our services are managed in the form of either complete or customized GIS data production/ management, based on the customer’s needs and capabilities.
  • Starting from acquisition and processing of high resolution satellite images, spatial and attribute data collection, spatial and attribute data entry and processing, spatial data management and analysis, and ending by maintaining and guaranteeing all products quality through an organized and restricted quality control procedures.
Geospatial Solution Development
  • Each solution is managed according to internationally defined standards based on Esri technologies and partner products offering wide range of web, desktop and mobile applications following agile software development methodology through working jointly with the client’s team in every phase of the project.
  • Starting from analyzing the current business processes and the current level of GIS adoption in the organization, to recommending, managing, and executing a detailed project plan.
  • We are utilizing Esri geodatabase template data models designed for various application domains compatible with standard specification developed by (ISO) and (OGC).

Our consultation services covers requirements specifications, business process re-engineering and Implementation Planning for client’s needs including:

  • Roadmap & Strategy Development.
  • Business analysis , process and system design.
  • Project scoping , planning , and management support.
Building Capacity and knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building through training, workshops, coaching, and skills transfer are at the center of what we do.
  • Most of our customers are enterprise organizations with subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • We are utilizing our long experience in adapting skills to different end users to sustain system usability and scalability.
Support / Maintenance services

We provide support and maintenance services by offering two options of support services, either as on-site support/first line support or off-site support/second line support, the services provided including:

  • Inquiry and information request processing.
  • Problem investigation.
  • Resolution support.
  • Coordination of needed resources (i.e. developers).
  • Tracking of the problem.