Archery Training System


Archery Training System (ATS) is an integrated system offers to archery trainees to improve their skills in shooting on fixed and moving targets. The system provides an integrated environment include archery screen, thrower laser and computer.

ATS system offers many ways to train on normal shooting panel or fixed target or moving target or via interactive scenarios contain positions and conditions similar to the real work

The system fits for all training centers, at Ministry of Interior or Defense or even the shooting clubs. The interactive scenarios can be designed according to the nature of the trainees. The system has successfully installed inside 50 training center or more.

The system is successfully used to train hundreds of candidates. The expertise of archery and police science are participate to design the training scenarios especially the interactive one.


Training Scenarios

Shooting Panel

The system offers excellent training on board shooting. It is possible to change the shape, the number and the size of shooting boards. This will give an infinite number of training situations.

Moving Targets

During some scenarios the trainers have to shoot moving targets. It is possible to control the size of the target and the speed of motion.

Interactive Targets

This types of targets simulate the human targets, it have the ability to attack or to defend. The trainee must shoot the target before it can shoot him.


Successive Scenarios

Successive scenarios offer combination of previous types offered in in a continuous sequence. Similar to computer game, the trainee must pass each scenario or obstacle successfully in order to move to the next level. The system is provided with a sample of this type. It is possible to develop more advanced and complicated scenarios according to customer needs. Custom scenarios may include more realistic graphics, interactions, engagement scenarios, and artificial intelligence.


Team Training

Multiple trainees can cooperate or compete. Current version support two trainees, next version may support more.


System Components

The system consists of computer, data show, cables, camera,standalone laser gun or integrated laser insert.

System Requirements

For every training site, following components are required.

  • ATS System Installer + Security Dongle
  • Computer with Microsoft Windows 7 or Later
  • Data Show with HDMI Support and RGB Color Control Feature (EX: Canon LV-X300)
  • USB Camera with Frequency, Zoom, Focus and Intensity Control
  • HDMI Cable, USB Cable, Power Cables
  • Standalone Laser Gun (Red, Thick, High Intensity, Shooting Duration > 50ms)
  • Integrated Laser Insert (Red, Thick, High Intensity, Shooting Duration > 50ms)

Note​: The data show and camera can be mounted at roof or over table. Also, the cables should be long enough.