Asyad Capital is a regional Saudi leader company in Information Security field providing state of the art solutions, technology, consulting, integration and testing services to protect the information assets, identities and the supporting infrastructure against unauthorized use. Softlock is one of the technology partners for Asyad Capital as it is a reagional leading progressive, innovative, expanding national and international company in the field of digital security.

In order to provide the best security solutions, we have been always matching our solutions and products against the international standards of information security. As a part of this, we adopted a method of partnering with the security leaders in the market especially in the field of PKI, eGovernment, and Banking to deliver the optimum solutions of our clients.
Asyad Capital provides unique solutions and products, which cover many security areas fulfilling customers need in different markets' sectors. We provide a set of products and solutions either by hardware security prodcuts or software innovative solutions covering the following areas: Software protection, data encryption, digital signature, secure authentication and identification, security hardware and secure online/offline distribution of digital contents.

Asyad Capital supports different market sectors like; governmental institutes, organizations, banks, software development companies, multimedia software and game producers, media and eBooks publishers and individual users. The company works within three product lines:

Secure Access & Identity Management


Data Transfer Security


Resident Data Protection


With a continuous research and development, we are uniquely identified in the global market by the integrated products and the research based development.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality IT solutions to our customers, by using the most effective and efficient services to meet our stakeholders' expectations.

Our Vision

The company aims to be a leading company in the UK and the Middle East in providing solutions and technical services, and integrated technology companies

PresidentAsyad Capital
I am pleased on behalf of the Governing Council of the Asyad Capital company for information technology to welcome you to its website and to give you an invitation to browse a company that looks to live up to major international companies refineries in the field of information technology in the light of expected development site that witnessed this area during the coming period in line with the vision Saudi Arabia in 2030 and which focused on working on activating the use of information technology in order to raise the level of electronic services and E- government provided to citizens and providing sources of income for the advancement of the national economy.

We are looking to Orientalism promising future at a steady pace to become the company among the leading local and international level in the field of information technology companies through the development of a series of implementing regulations excellence in the provision of electronic highest quality services at affordable prices through the provision of distinctive professional cadres, where to deliver the best quality is the essential foundation for the acquisition of customer satisfaction.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!