• Asyad Capital company focused on creating innovative solutions to the challenges of business development. The company offers advanced and integrated technology solutions designed to reduce operating costs while increasing revenues through raising productivity and automate various business cycles.
  • The company solutions based on the latest technological innovations, such as cloud computing and smart phone applications. And the company is working in cooperation with major technology manufacturers in the world for the transfer of the latest in the world of the Middle East market.
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    President of Asyad Capital

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of Asiad Capital IT Company, I would like to welcome you to our website and invite you to a company looking to upgrade to major international IT companies in the light of the expected development in the coming period in line with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 Which focused on activating the use of information technology in order to raise the level of electronic services provided to citizens through e-government
    We look forward to the promising Orientalism of the future at a steady pace to become one of the leading local and international companies in the field of information technology through the development of a series of high quality electronic services at competitive prices using professional staff to provide the best quality services that are based on customer satisfaction.
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    The company aims to be a leader in the Middle East in providing technology solutions and services

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    Provide high quality solutions and meet the expectations of our customers