Asyad Capital’s contribution to the Eastern GIS workshop

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The Geographic Information Systems Department organizes a workshop for the employees of the administration in order to supply the requirements of applying the quality policy in implementing the services, including transferring knowledge and educating the employees of the administration about what is the application of quality, the functional tasks of the departments and the service performance index and the job tasks for each employee
The Assistant Under-Secretary for Development and Projects Eng. Mazen Kharji, the workshop, which was attended by directors of departments in the General Department of Urban Planning and their associates related to the implementation of services
Engineer Mazen Bakhraji noted the need to adhere to the policy of (quality assurance and quality assurance) in the implementation of GIS services and their governance, which are reflected positively on the beneficiary’s service and development
Eng. Ehab Al-Husseini, CEO of ESIAD Capital, also gave a brief presentation on the goals and mechanisms of implementing quality policies.