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Regional Saudi Leader Company

Asyad Capital is a regional Saudi leader company in Information Security field providing state of the art solutions, technology, consulting, integration and testing services to protect the information assets, identities and the supporting infrastructure against unauthorized use.


We have been always matching our solutions and products against the international standards of information security.

We provide a set of products and solutions either by hardware security products or software innovative solutions covering the following areas: Software protection, data encryption, digital signature, secure authentication and identification, security hardware and secure online/offline distribution of digital contents.


ِAsyad Capital company focused on creating innovative solutions to the challenges of business development. The company offers advanced and integrated technology solutions designed to reduce operating costs while increasing revenues through raising productivity and automate various business cycles.

The company solutions based on the latest technological innovations, such as cloud computing and smart phone applications. And the company is working in cooperation with major technology manufacturers in the world for the transfer of the latest in the world of the Middle East market.

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