Asyad provides slaughterhouse solutions that ensures the smooth day to day plant operations. In order to help you achieve your company's goals of revenue increase through efficient systems, we offer:

Process Engineering

It is in order for you to employ the best business practices from the corporate level down to the production. This covers feasibility studies to bridge your vision for the company and the resources available to you. In the end, this will help you produce an end product at the cheapest cost, the highest returns without sacrificing your customer's satisfaction.

Logistics, Loading
& Trucking

There is more to logistics than getting your products from point A to point B in time. Our logistic solutions also include the tracking of product quality, as well as real-time digits on wasted and rejected products.

Waste Management & Resource recovery

Because these processes are just as important as the efficiency of your production line, we make sure that we got you covered. We have waste management and resource recovery solutions to cater to your plant's demands. With this, all your plant's resources, are exhausted even from production by products. Thus, decreasing waste.